Sineng Signed Agreement with an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Joint Construction of
Publishing Time: 2018-02-27
Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sineng”) signed the agreement on joint construction of academician workstation with ZHOU Xiaoxin, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Sineng Industrial Park in May 4.

LI Qiufeng (the district mayor of Huishan District of Wuxi City), YU Jie (the director general of Science and Technology Bureau of Huishan District), LIU Mina (the director of Institute of Wuxi Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Science), WU Qiang (the chairman of Sineng) and LI Jianfei (the deputy president of Sineng) attended the signing ceremony.

Academician ZHOU Xiaoxin made full affirmation and praise on strength of research and development and market place of Sineng at the ceremony. He showed that “Sineng has the group of research and development with high starting point and strong strength. Relying on research and development platform of global top 500 enterprises and accumulated technologies, Sineng continues to improve the level of scientific research through setting up high-end research and development platform and is certain to achieve major key technical breakthroughs”.

District mayor LI Qiufeng thought that establishing academician workstation would be a major measure for industry-university-research activities becoming high-end, in-depth and advancing. It must be a successful example of cooperation for Sineng and Academician ZHOU Xiaoxin to jointly establish Academician workstation, which would give full play to the function of high-end talents and advantages of scientific research enjoyed by academicians and experts, immensely improving conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements, promoting industrial technology level of the whole district, and infusing strong power for creating new height of modern industry for Huishan. Chairman WU Qiang showed that Sineng would take academician workstation as the carrier and establish platform of innovation and science and development driven by technology and guided by market with combination of industry-university-research.

With relying on intellectual support of team of academicians and experts, Sineng would carry out in-depth research on industrial development strategy and tackle key problems centering on key technical problems, with introducing advanced technology and cultivating innovative talents, it shall make greater contribution to Chinese high-end manufacturing and healthy development of new energy industry.