Special Training Class of New Energy Composed of Cadres of Party and Government of Qinghai Visits Si
Publishing Time: 2018-02-27
“Special Training Class of New Energy Composed of Cadres of Party and Government of Qinghai Province” jointly held by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Organization Department and Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Organization Department went to Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. for visit and inspection in June 7 during the period when trainees from the class studied at Wuxi Municipal Party School.

This training class was leaded by LIU Qingping, the deputy inspector of Qinghai Provincial National Development and Reform Commission and deputy director general of provincial Bureau of Energy, containing over 60 leaders from Qinghai Provincial National Development and Reform Commission, Bureau of Energy, Commission of Economy and Information Technology and leaders who share responsibility for energy work of two cities and six states, who won warm welcome from the president of Sineng along with the top management team. Under the guidance of working personnel, trainees from the training class successively visited Sineng Electric Exhibition Hall, Enterprise Academician Workstation, Inverter Research Center, Enterprise Manufacturing Center and other places, and understood achievements on innovation and scientific research of Sineng, development process of photovoltaic power generation schemes, application and prospect of energy storage system in details.

The president of Sineng Electric showed that Sineng, as the leading brand of photovoltaic inverter, would insist in taking technology-driven route and take use of technical innovation to continuously improve system efficiency and reduce cost of photovoltaic power generation as well as propel the earlier realization of grid parity goal. Trainees paid significant attention to enterprise independent innovation and experience and ways for maintaining leading technology in the process of visit, and spoke highly of and fully recognized that Sineng had provided schemes on over 1.5GW photovoltaic inversion and “PV+ Energy storage” validly alleviating problem related to abandonment of electric power generated by PV for Qinghai with energy equipment technology of the company enjoying the leading level at home and aboard. LIU Qingping, the deputy director general of provincial Bureau of Energy, showed that Qinghai Province would make full efforts to create two bases of ten-million-kilowatt class renewable energy sources and two passageways of extra-high voltage in future ten years with installment capacity of over 70 million kilowatt. He also encouraged Sineng to make persistent efforts and make more contributions to development of renewable energy sources of Qinghai Province.

Relying on research and development platform and accumulated technology of global top 500 enterprises, Sineng has achieved several key technical breakthroughs in the field of inverter technology and enjoys industry-leading level of important technical index. The company possesses two research and development bases in Shenzhen and Wuxi and has established the leading modern industrial park in Wuxi, which owns complete production capacity for scaled power electronic products. In the future, Sineng will make effort to create the company into a power source enterprise of world level by continuing to insist in management aim of “taking market as guiding, take customers as center” with continuously increasing research input and actively participating in international competition.