Zhang Hongjun and His Retinue Visited Sineng
Publishing Time: 2018-02-27
ZHANG Hongjun, the Member of the Standing Committee of Yumen City and Executive Vice Mayor leaded department principals from Development and Reform Commission, Bureau of Housing and Urban, Environmental Protection Bureau, Land and Resources Bureau and Administrative Examination and Approval Center, nine people in total, who constituted a work group for administrative examination and approval and business attraction of new energy, arrived in Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sineng”) for inspection and investigation with the accompany of related leaders of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy. CHEN Ganfeng, the executive vice president of Sineng, along with the top management team warmly welcomed guests.

ZHANG Hongjun expressed that Yumen is the birthplace of new energy industry of Gansu at the conversazione, it had formed simultaneous development of wind electricity, photoelectricity, water and electricity, thermal power and biomass power generation, development pattern of new energy industry combined developed from photo-thermal and photovoltaic poverty relief, municipal party committee and municipal government, taking full use of national policies, region of Yumen, local resources and industrial advantages, it would continue to optimize investment environment, with more open attitude, attract more from domestic and foreign enterprises to conduct investment and development and invite Sineng to visit Yumen City with investigation and communication, jointly promoting the situation of mutual win and multi-win.

Mr. CHEN Ganfeng made report on whole development of photovoltaic industry and basic conditions of Sineng in the process of inspection. CHEN Ganfeng expressed that newly increased PV capacity of our country reached 34.54GW in 2016, ranking first in the world for continuous 4 years. Photovoltaic industry of our country will continue to lead various countries in the world in the future long time. Faced with new situation of flourishing development of photovoltaic industry, Sineng continues to strengthen R&D efforts and introduce leading products and solutions, helping to propel the earlier realization of grid parity goal for photovoltaic power generation. Products independently researched and developed by the company and solutions proposed by the company, i.e., high-efficient photovoltaic inverter, solution to distributed photovoltaic power generation, solution to quality of electric energy, photovoltaic energy storage system, enjoy leading level at home and abroad, which shall function as powerful support for construction of photovoltaic power generation and cleaning energy project of Yumen City.

Relying on research and development platform and accumulated technology of global top 500 enterprises, Sineng has achieved several key technical breakthroughs in the field of inverter technology and enjoys industry-leading level of important technical index. The company possesses two research and development bases in Shenzhen and Wuxi and has established the leading modern industrial park in Wuxi, which owns complete production capacity for scaled power electronic products. In the future, Sineng will make effort to create the company into a power source enterprise of world level by continuing to insist in management aim of “taking market as guiding, take customers as center” with continuously increasing research input and actively participating in international competition.