Centralized Distributed Inverter System of Medium Voltage Leads Technical Innovation of Next-Generat
Publishing Time: 2018-02-27
Guided by National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration, Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission and General Institute of Hydropower and Water Resource Planning and Design, “The Second China Photovoltaic + Innovative Development Forum and Experience Exchange Meeting of Photovoltaic Leader Base” co-sponsored by Dotong Municipal Government of Shanxi Province and China Reform Daily had its brand opening ceremony in Datong of Shanxi in May 22. WANG Yuelin, the general manager of Products Department of Sineng, attended the ceremony on invitation, and delivered keynote speech of “Application and Prospect of Solution to Innovative Inversion in Leader Base”.

 Datong Leader Base adopted solutions to distributed inversion, centralized inversion and string formation inversion, shipment quantity of inverter manufacturer raking top three exceeds 90%. As the important participant of Datong Leader Base, Sineng has provided 231MW distributed inverter and centralized inverter, accounting for 23% of whole project, with whole supply quantity ranking top three and supply quantity of large-scaled inverters ranking first. As the major innovation of traditional inverter, distributed scheme is consistently recognized by owners, i.e., Datong Coal Mine Group, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, China Huadian Cooperation, Sanxia New Energy, CHNT, etc. in Datong leader demonstration base project, which gains large-scaled application.

DC transmission voltage of distributed scheme is increased to 800Vdc, and AC output voltage is improved to 520Vac, cost of DC and AC cable is greatly reduced; 2MW submatrix networking of high-capacity can be realized, and system cost can be further reduced. Distributed inverter, realize group cascading MPPT, higher generating capacity of complex power station in mountainous region; promote DC and AC transmission voltage, decrease line loss for long-distance transmission; flexible allocation of ratio of DC capacity and AC capacity, further reduce system cost; unit capacity 1MW, flexibly allocate submatrix capacity according to terrain; centralized grid-connection, better power grid adaptability, with advantages of generating capacity and system cost, become the mainstream in leader power station in mountainous region. 1500V system, integration of inversion boosting, photovoltaic + stored energy, tail after support seamless joint represent development direction of future leader. Sineng has made innovative design of solution to 1500V distributed inversion boosting integration, which can bring more value to customers. In addition, distributed inverter, which has middle DC bus and is preserved with connector for energy storing device, can be upgraded as light-preserved integration system according to requirements of customers.

It not only can reduce cost, but also enjoy compatibility of several types of batteries, which is a leading solution to DC light-preserved integration in the industry. WANG Yuelin, the general manager of Products Department of Sineng, expressed that PV manufacturing industry of our country had formed complete industrial system with international advanced level, and leader plan would play an important role in propelling healthy and rapid development of photovoltaic industry of our country and constructing modern energy system being clean with low carbon as well as being safe and high-efficient.

Various parties of this forum made full communication on photovoltaic leader base and strengthened further understanding of insiders on advanced technologies and schemes, which would lay the function of positive reference for construction of follow-up leader base. As the leader enterprise of China photovoltaic inverter, Sineng is brave in undertaking obligations of the times, insisting in technology, help to realize grid parity of photovoltaic power generation.