SHI Taifeng Carried Out Investigation in Sineng
Publishing Time: 2018-02-27
SHI Taifeng, deputy secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and provincial governor, along with his retinue arrived in Sineng for investing development conditions of present real economy at afternoon in April 6, with the accompany of LI Xiaomin (the member of Municipal Standing Committee and Wuxi municipal party secretary), WANG Qi (the secretary general of provincial government), ZHU Xiaoming, (the director of provincial Development and Reform Commission) , XIE Zhicheng (the director of provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology) and WANG Qin (the director-general of Provincial Department of Science and Technology).

 Under the guidance and introduction of WU Qiang, the chairman of Sineng, and LI Jianfei, the vice president of Sineng, provincial governor SHI Taifeng along with his retinue visited Sineng Industrial Park, and understood the process of innovative entrepreneurship and development of the company, global application of products and present production and operation conditions in details. Chairman WU Qiang conducted key report on cultural fusion of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, photovoltaic power generation grid parity propelled by technical innovation and application and prospect of energy storage system. Provincial governor SHI Taifeng paid significant attention to enterprise independent innovation and experience and ways in transformation and upgrading in the process of investigation, and spoke highly of and fully recognized that Sineng has integrated photovoltaic businesses of top 500 enterprises in the world and enjoys leading energy equipment technology in the industry with supply quantity of inverters ranking top five in the world. He emphasized that developing and growing enterprises of real economy mean to strengthen innovative efforts, accelerate transformation and upgrading and speed up to get access to international top level.