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The main function and the role of battery storage bidirectional converter is to realize the energy bi-directional transmission between AC grid power and battery storage power. It is also a kind of bidirectional converter, fit for a variety of chemical energy storage units. It can not only quickly and efficiently calm the random power or current fluctuations of distributed power generation system, improve the adaptability of system to the power generation of large-scale renewable energy (wind power, photovoltaic), and can accept scheduling command, and absorb or supply the grid peak electricity, as well as provide reactive power, in order to improve the power supply quality and economic benefits of power grid. In case of the power grid failure or power outage, it also have independent network of grid to supply power, in order to improve power supply security of the load.
Battery Storage Has The Following Applications
Calm the fluctuations
The battery storage bidirectional converter can inhibit the short-term fluctuations (min level or s level) and long-term fluctuations (h level) of wind power and photovoltaic power so as to improve the stability of renewable energy output. Or according to the power grid output plan, control the storage battery charging and discharging power speed to make the actual power output of the power station as close as possible to plan, to increase the certainty of renewable energy output. Energy storage technology is an important solution for renewable energy grid which is intermittent, volatile and hard to predict accurately and can markedly improve the adaptability of power gird to large-scale renewable energy
Load shifting
Battery storage can be made to match the power grid scheduling system, based on the characteristics of the system load peak and trough, to store excess capacity during the trough phase and release the energy stored in the battery during the peak phase thus to reduce the grid load difference between peak and trough and reduce the burden of power grid power supply, realizing the load shifting of the grid. At the same time, use the price difference between peak and trough to improve the economic benefit of electricity use
In-service power supply
In case of power grid failure cases, battery storage can be the important loads separately without suspending the power supply and ensure the safe operation. Battery storage can also be the group network unit of micro grid, to provide voltage and frequency support for the micro grid to realize the rapid and energy buffer of the mode switching process of micro grid and guarantee the smooth switching of micro power grid