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Wuxi Sineng participated in 2014’ International New EnergyTime:2017-09-14Source:未知

On November 6-9, “2014’ International New Energy Conference & Expo” for 4 days was grandly held in Wuxi Taihu Expo Center. It is a unique grand meeting of new energy, especially for photovoltaic circle. Many famous domestic and overseas new energy enterprises showed the latest new energy technology. Wuxi Sineng New Energy Co., Ltd with rising fame in recent years firstly appeared at this expo with its advanced photovoltaic contravariant serial products. The products attracted the special focus from customers and governmental officers immediately, which became the special scenery of this expo. At this expo, Sineng Company exhibited 4 leading new products including EP series centralized photovoltaic grid connection inverter, SCI series modularization photovoltaic grid connection inverter, SP series set grid connection inverter and EF series off-network inverter. The products integrated the advanced idea of energy conservation design and realized the leading contravariant efficiency in the industry. Facing the industrial application design, the products can be well applicable to various bad environments. The products of Sineng have advanced grid connection performance, perfect fault protection and diagnosis function. Partial products adopt the modularization parallel without subordinative construction design, which have the advantages of high reliability, high generating capacity and low maintenance cost. The scientific research system and equipment is line with the world. The whole scientific and technological level realized the strategic promotion. Sineng Company will make the new strategic plan on the existing height. The market of company will transferred from the complete domestic central enterprises to domestic non-government market and overseas market. The major products gradually expand to full power equipment from the big power equipment. The complete products research, development and production are expanded to the research and development of photovoltaic integration solution.
Sineng Company will try to become the pacesetter of photovoltaic industry and devote itself to the globalization strategy.