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Executive vice mayor inspects SinengTime:2015-03-21Source:未知

The executive vice mayor of Wuxi Huang Qin came to the company for visit and guidance and listened to the development report of company on May 13.
The company successfully joined in 530 enterprises of Wuxi City in 2013 and became the first 530 enterprise in Wuxi with over RMB100 million yuan of sales performance. The company was widely focused by each-level government, media and organizations. As the national strategic emerging industry representative enterprise, Sineng suddenly rose in the environment fluctuating domestic and overseas photovoltaic market and fierce competition. Relying on the advanced core technology in the industry and amazing market performance, the company rapidly became the pacesetter of domestic photovoltaic industry. Vice mayor Huang gave enough affirmation to extraordinary performance obtained by the company and placed hope on the future development of the company. Meanwhile, he hoped the company could move on the continuous development road, become the famous brand of photovoltaic industry from Wuxi and drive the gathering and development of relevant industries. Vice mayor Huang also proposed some constructive guidance opinions for the development of the company. With the help of the government, Sineng’s tomorrow will become better!