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Board Chairman of Guolian Group Gao Min inspected SinengTime:2015-03-21Source:未知

Board chairman of Wuxi Guolian Group Gao Min came to the company for inspection and guidance.
Wuxi Sineng New Energy Co., Ltd has become the top runner of photovoltaic inverter industry under the lead of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and Wuxi Municipal People’s Government. Rapid expansion of Sineng Company will greatly drive the gathering of high-end industry chain of Wuxi City, even Jiangsu Province such as power and electron.
After listening to the development process, current situation and future strategic plan of Sineng, chairman Gao showed high interests, affirmed the previous outstanding performance of Sineng Company and was full confident with the future development of Sineng. Chairman Gao also hope Sineng Company could develop the strategic cooperation with Guolian Group for investment of power station project, mutually create the power station projects with high quality and technology during the subsequent development. In addition, Sineng Company can actively develop the capital cooperation with Guolian Group and mutually obtain the development during the development of Sineng Company.