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Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Chen Yong inspTime:2015-03-21Source:未知

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering visited Sineng Company on December 19, 2014.
Academician Chen Yong is the expert in the field of National 863 Energy. For this time, he specially inspected and visited Sineng Company. Academician Chen Yong praised the market achievements made by the company in recent years and showed great interests to the results obtained in the establishment of scientific and technological platform and scientific and technological innovation. Based on deep communications, the leaders of the company reached many common cooperative views with academician Chen. Both parties can develop wide and deep cooperation in the establishment of enterprise academician work station, exchange and cultivation of talents, scientific and technological results transformation and innovation, technical reform and upgrading platform and breakthrough of key skills.
Sineng Company will continue to take the scientific research road with industry-university-research integration, actively introduce high-end talents and gradually promote the scientific research level of scientific research platform.