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Regional Sales Director

Post and Duties:
1. Be responsible for the information collection and analysis of investment projects of solar power stations and wind power stations of each central enterprise electric power company. 
2. Be responsible for the communications and connection of investment owner of each central enterprise electric power company and power station.
3. Be responsible for the investigation and analysis of market competitors and pre-sales planning.
4. Organize and participate in the formulation of business and technical plan of projects, business skill exchanges and contract negotiation.
5. Be responsible for the whole organization of the bid including compilation and check of bidding documents and coordination of bidding and bid evaluation.
6. Be responsible for tracing the contract fulfillment after project is reached, coordinating the owners’ requirements in acceptance, installation, debugging and after-sales service of projects.
7. Be responsible for the establishment, training, management and construction of regional sales group.
Job Qualification:
1. Bachelor degree or above, specialities related to power electronics and marketing management;
2. More than 30 years old and marketing management experience with over 10 years;
3. Have stronger ability in communications, business negotiation, organization, coordination and group management.
4. Familiarize with the bid and tender, contract management and professional laws knowledge and flow of bid and tender. Have good vocational ethics.
5. Have stronger entrepreneur spirit.
6. The persons with the background of electric power and work experience in solar industry enjoy the prior right to be employed.
7. The persons with the experience in large-scaled project bid and tender enjoy the prior right to be employed.
8. The restriction for the excellent persons can be decreased.