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Sineng Electric to Supply Solar Projects in Greece


Forging ahead and embarking on a zero-carbon journey, Sineng Electric brought its high-reliability solar PV solutions into the romance of Greece and felt proud to be part of the 54MW and 47MW solar projects, supporting the country to derive more of its power needs from new energy.



With more than 250 days of sunshine per year, Greece is richer in sustainable energy potential compared to the Northern European countries. Amidst the ongoing energy crisis, the local government has to cope with the sudden surge in gas prices and protect people from the unstable environment. Thus, the demand for affordable energy has rocketed, which also boosts Greece’s deployment of renewables.

As per the European Union's National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), by 2030, Greece's electricity mix tends to surpass 61% by new energy. And Greece's new national energy plan mandates 7.7 GW of cumulative installed PV capacity at the end of 2030. In order to reach its 2030 renewables target, large clusters of PV stations in Greece have been put into operation and Sineng Electric supplies its 275kW high-current string inverter solutions to the projects. The SP-275K-H1 inverters, featuring maximum efficiency 99.0%, have been commissioned to power the 54MW ground-mounted solar plant in Anthili and the 47MW PV power station in Mikro Vouno, generating clean electricity and powering thousands of households.


With the advanced design such as IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion protection, the inverters have superb adaptability towards complex and harsh environments. By virtue of 12 MPPTs, the inverters also secure the power station's stable output by optimizing the match between PV panels and the utility grid. More importantly, the world-leading smart IV scan diagnosis technology, allows for rapid and accurate troubleshooting without the need for additional on-site experts. It greatly helps improve maintenance strategies. At the same time, the smart air cooled system ensures that the inverters won't derate even under extreme temperatures, significantly guaranteeing the electricity generation and long-term benefits.


In terms of efficiency, reliability, safety, high performance, and power quality, the inverters from Sineng Electric have become a preferred choice in this industry. Fully committed to providing solar solutions tailored for various scenarios, Sineng Electric will further contribute to green energy development and spare no effort to build a net-zero carbon future with its technological innovations in exploring the most efficient and cost-effective ways.




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