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Sineng Electric's Central Inverters Obtain Certificate from CSA Group for Compliance with UL 1741 and IEEE 1547


Wuxi, China, June 5, 2023 -- Sineng Electric, a pioneering force in the renewable energy industry, proudly proclaims its most recent accomplishment in dedication to achieving greatness. The EP-3750-HAN-UD and EP-3600-HAN-UD central inverters have obtained the certificate of compliance from the CSA Group, confirming their adherence to UL 1741 and IEEE 1547 requirements. It signifies Sineng Electric’s resolve on entering the North America market while expanding its global reach.


Driven by factors like supportive policies, technological development, and growing interest from investors, the photovoltaics (PV) market in the United States is experiencing rapid growth. The utility-scale PV sector, in particular, has witnessed a surge in installations, significantly diversifying the local energy sources. To meet the demanding standards of utility solar power stations, Sineng Electric's EP-3600-HAN-UD/EP-3750-HAN-UD inverters have been specifically designed to offer optimal efficiency, exceptional adaptability, lower LCOE and enhanced safety. As a result, they are applicable to a variety of application scenarios.


Having received cCSAus certificate for both central inverters and string PCS also showcases the tremendous potential of Sineng’s solar-plus-storage solutions in the region's clean energy landscape. Furthermore, it strengthens Sineng's ambitious endeavors to expand its global footprint while amplifying the brand's influence.


Sineng Electric's commitment to product quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices is further underscored by the endorsement of the certificate. Drawing on a wealth of notable achievements across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, South America, and Europe, Sineng is now poised to embark on an exciting new chapter in North America.


"We remain determined in our mission to foster a green future and the cCSAus certificate represents a significant leap towards realizing this goal," declared Jianfei Li, Vice President of Sineng Electric. "This recognition validates our continuous efforts in trailblazing, building a different world with our innovative product portfolio."


About Sineng

Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. is the global leading supplier of a comprehensive product portfolio including PV inverters and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial & industrial, and residential applications, as well as power quality products.


By establishing four R&D centers and leveraging top-notch resources, Sineng's unwavering commitment to technological innovation has enabled more people to access cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy. After the three global manufacturing bases being put into operation, the annual production capacity can now reach 40GW. Known for the engineering excellence, rigorous testing standards, and consistent quality, Sineng is a market leader in the industry and ranks Top 8 in the global PV inverter market share.


Providing a wide range of solutions and services across the globe, Sineng is playing an important role in accelerating the global energy transition, striving to build a greener future.

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