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Sineng Electric Signs a Cooperation Framework Agreement with SPIC Green Energy


Beijing, China, December 21, 2023 — Sineng Electric, a global leading PV and energy storage inverter manufacturer, proudly announced the signing of a cooperation framework agreement with SPIC Green Energy, a renowned energy company focusing on power conversion, hydrogen energy, and energy storage. The strategic agreement, formalized at a ceremony in Beijing, signifies a momentous step towards promoting the widespread adoption of Sineng’s cutting-edge, energy-efficient solutions in wind, solar, and energy storage projects. Viktor Duan, CEO of Sineng Electric, and Li Qizhao, the chairman of SPIC Green Energy, attended the signing ceremony with other executives from both companies.


Embracing synergy and unlocking the potential of technology, Sineng continuously expands the array of its product and solution offerings, to translate technical innovations into long-term sustainability. Viktor Duan, CEO of Sineng Electric, expressed his enthusiasm for the growth prospects, “By fostering collaborative intelligence, nurturing open dialogue, and facilitating knowledge exchange, we are confident that our partnership will yield mutual benefits. With a proven track record in the solar industry, Sineng is set to propel the community toward achieving energy self-sufficiency and reliability. Our diverse solutions are tailored to meet the versatile needs of our customers, addressing concerns related to the energy crisis, high electricity prices, and energy security."


During the meeting, Li Qizhao, the chairman of SPIC Green Energy, shed light on the company history, its four business areas and the ambitious "Green Energy 1134 Strategy". Underscoring Sineng's pivotal role as a leading solar equipment manufacturer and solution provider, Mr. Li emphasized the paramount significance of this collaboration for both parties in advancing the renewable energy landscape.


With a shared commitment to achieving a win-win outcome, the cooperation strives to expedite China's pursuit of the "double carbon" target, catalyzing the country’s efforts to boost sustainable economic growth. Sineng Electric and SPIC Green Energy envision a different and vibrant future by spearheading the clean energy transition.


About Sineng

Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. is a global leading supplier of PV inverters and energy storage systems, catering to utility-scale, commercial & industrial, and residential applications. By establishing four R&D centers and leveraging top-notch resources, Sineng's unwavering commitment to technological innovation has enabled more people to access cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy. After the three global manufacturing bases being put into operation, the annual production capacity can now reach 40GW. Known for its engineering excellence, rigorous testing standards, and consistent quality, Sineng is a market leader in the industry and plays an important role in accelerating the global energy transition, striving to build a greener future.

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