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Sineng Powers a 53MW Solar PV Plant in Romania with Its String Inverter Solution


Mureș, Romania, March 14, 2024 -- The Glodeni solar power plant, with a capacity of 53MW and powered by Sineng's state-of-the-art string inverters, has been successfully connected to the grid and is now fully operational. Owned by DTEK, a world-class energy enterprise, this project is one of the first solar parks developed in Romania since the ending of the government support scheme in 2013.



Covering a total area of 81 hectares, the solar power station comprises three construction zones - Voivodeni, Glodeni, and Păcureni. For this project, Sineng provides 192 units of SP-275K-H1 string inverters, along with 7 units of ITS-6200-MV stations and 2 units of ITS-3150-MV stations. Operating efficiently in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 60°C, with IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion protection ratings, these inverters showcase exceptional resilience in extreme weather conditions, including snowfall and sub-zero temperatures, seamlessly adapting to the local environment. Featuring 12 MPPTs, a maximum efficiency of up to 99.0%, and compatibility with high-power modules, the inverters maximize yields, concurrently elevating profitability for the entire project.




The solar park, now successfully commissioned, is anticipated to generate 74,573,035 kWh of clean energy annually, significantly contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. This infrastructure enhancement underscores our dedication to integrating clean energy into the existing power grid.


Jianfei Li, Vice President of Sineng Electric, emphasized Romania's immense potential in solar energy, driven by factors such as its geographical location, abundant sunlight, and government support. “Investing in solar energy not only enhances the country's energy security by diversifying its energy mix but also aligns with global initiatives to reduce carbon emissions," he stated. “The completion of the Glodeni project is an important step in Romania's solar energy landscape, serving as a testament to Sineng's unwavering commitment to fostering renewable energy growth and advancing towards a sustainable future.”


About Sineng

Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. is a global leading supplier of PV inverters and energy storage systems, catering to utility-scale, commercial & industrial, and residential applications. By establishing four R&D centers and leveraging top-notch resources, Sineng's unwavering commitment to technological innovation has enabled more people to access cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy. After the three global manufacturing bases being put into operation, the annual production capacity can now reach 40GW. Known for its engineering excellence, rigorous testing standards, and consistent quality, Sineng is a market leader in the industry and plays an important role in accelerating the global energy transition, striving to build a greener future.

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