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An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Li Jianfei (CTO & VP)


1) Can you brief us about the success story of Sineng in Clean Tech segment in the past 5 years?

Sineng lives by its motto of ‘Endless Energy for Limitless Green,’ to make the world a better place to live in by reducing the globe’s greenhouse emissions! The company has established itself as the leading Chinese manufacturer of inverters with a large global market share in the last 5 years and listed as China’s non-listed company-2017 in Forbes and 5th in inverter industry ranking of IHS Markit report. Sineng has also received several awards recognizing it’s ability of innovations, including China Distributed PV “Technology Innovation Award” in Top Runner excellent inverter company, “China's top 100 renewable energy pioneers” and many others.GW and MW projects have been installed and commissioned by sineng over these 5 years around the world which has given the company enormous and profound experience to meet any types of workload or requirements.  



2) There have been several innovations in solar inverter technology. What is your latest product innovation in this segment? 

Let's face it-it’s the era of smart inverter; and sineng is keeping pace up with the trend by all ways. The industry has experienced several new technologies in all aspects such as multilevel inverter topologies, 1000V to 1500V system, smart cooling, string level monitoring and controlling, compact designing, bifacial model compatibility, high level of protection against harsh environment and optimization in every level of operation. Latest products of sineng central, central distributed, string and ESS solutions are equipped with all aforementioned cutting-edge technologies.



Central inverter series- EP-3.125-HA-UD which was developed for large utility-scale application scenario. Compact design and smart control algorithm of 3.125MW inverter give an ease of installation, controlling and monitoring. This machine is furnished with everything DC/AC side protection, high load ratio, high overload capacity, environmental protection, IEC compliances, SVG functionality, PID capability, ingress (IP65 for key components) protection and so on what a plant owner would wish for! It is suitable for large ground mounted PV plants with large block size of 6.25MW or 12.5MW. In addition, skid or integrated solution EP-6250-HA-UD was also brought out which consists of 2*3.125MW outdoor inverters, SF6 switchgear, 6.25MW double split transformer and LV distribution & communication cabinet.

As the name suggests central distributed inverter, it is combo of central inverter and multi MPPT characteristic of string inverter (1500 V Smart MPPT combiner box). It is a unique product in the solar market and sineng provides the market’s best solution for central distributed inverter. Smart MPPT combiner box characterizes 12 MPPT trackers, P-V curve scanning, module level monitoring, compatibility of bi facial module, strong monitoring. On the other hand, the BOS of central distributed inverter is lower than central and string inverters and it is suitable for hilly areas.

Latest model of string family is SP-185K-INH1 which deliver maximum efficiency of 99% and delivers one of the highest power densities on the present string inverter market. It possesses 10 MPPTs which help in reducing mismatch problems. Sineng ESS solution is continuously recognized throughout the china market with over a dozen of projects installed in 2019.We have developed ESS solutions for DC or AC side as it is appearing as a must to enable the power plant for peak shaving and frequency regulation.

3) What are the challenges faced by the company in today's market? What is the vision of your company for the coming years? 

Let's be honest here. In spite of relentless cost pressures and the inevitable rolling back of subsidy support mechanisms in most markets, the inverter market has been witnessing an eventful period. Not only many new inverter companies are coming into market, but also so many new technologies and products are changing so quickly. Though upfront costs and cost pressures generally remain a big issue for the industry, but sineng is holding on its mission for low cost and high quality. Ensuring low cost and high quality has not come in the form of silver bullet, but it has been as much about continuous learning as it has about continuous innovating. Because the competition is so fierce, so the vision of sineng is to keep practicing its mission of low cost along with high-quality products.

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