Residential Energy Storage Solution

Sineng delivers top-notch residential energy storage system solutions, featuring single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverters with high-performance batteries. These hybrid inverters, ranging form 3 to 15kW, empower homeowners to achieve energy independence, reduce electricity bills, and minimize individual carbon footprints.


Solution Features

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    Enhanced Compatibility

    · Compatible with high-current PV modules and various batteries

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    Quiet Operation

    · Noise level below 45dB

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    Smart Management

    · 24/7 monitoring to ensure the system's stable operation

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    Easy Installation

    · Plug-and-play design to minimize installation time

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    Energy independence

    · Seamless switch time less than 10ms, reducing reliance on the grid

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    High Energy Density

    · Compact and lightweight, easy for installation

Networking Diagram

Residential Energy Storage.png