Residential PV Solutions

Sineng offers a comprehensive range of residential inverters, from 3kW to 25kW, catering to customers’ diverse requirements. Featuring Type II SPD, built-in arc-fault circuit interrupter, and I/V scanning, the inverters can effectively elevate overall safety. Designed for easy installation and simplified O&M, the products not only enhance user experience but also help homeowners save on electricity bills.


Solution Features

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    Enhanced Compatibility

    · Compatible with high-current PV modules;
    · high DC/AC ratio

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    Quiet Operation

    · Fanless design to improve user experience

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    Smart Management

    · 24/7 monitoring to ensure the system's stable operation

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    Better Reliability

    · I/V scanning and diagnosis

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    Elevated Safety

    · Type II SPD, both DC & AC sides;
    · built-in arc-fault circuit-interrupter

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    High Energy Density

    · Compact and lightweight, easy for installation

Networking Diagram

Residential PV System.png