Power Quality Control System Solution

Power quality control refers to the comprehensive management of power quality issues such as harmonic distortion, power interruptions, abnormal frequencies, voltage surges, three-phase unbalance, and low power factors in the power system through a series of technical means and management measures, which is widely applied in various industries.


Solution Features

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    Comprehensive Management

    · Integrated management of power quality control, including APF, SVG, traditional LC and smart capacitor

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    Optimized Efficiency

    · Cost-effective, significantly reduce initial equipment investment

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    Smart Monitoring

    · Active monitoring of the running status of each smart capacitor, automatic protection

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    Intelligent Control

    · Real-time dynamic tracking, automatically adjust active/reactive output

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    Versatile Functions

    · Comprehensive function and free combination of harmonic suppression, reactive compensation, and three-phase unbalance as well as support priority setting

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    User-Centered Design

    · User-friendly HMl, real-time monitoring, and the display of device operation condition

Networking Diagram

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